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As if Dead Cells couldn’t get any more badass, developer Motion Twin has teased a gigantic new DLC for the game, and the best part? It’s FREE!

In a “behind the scenes” vid-doc, Motion Twin teased a look into this upcoming expansion, fittingly titled “Rise of the Giant”. What’s even more exciting is that this DLC is available now as an “opt-in” beta for PC players. While the terms “early-access” and “beta” mean that this new content can very rapidly change before it’s official launch, having the opportunity to see what Motion Twin has up their sleeve next is still an exciting premise.

Though everyone won’t have a chance to test out this new content yet, the video (sponsored by Red Bull) gives a nice glimpse into what players and fans of the game can expect. That is if you don’t mind a few spoilers. A new area, called the Cavern, will be added along with a humongous new boss. Both will become available after players beat the game for their first time.

Those wondering just how big this DLC will need only look at the beta patch notes. For those too lazy to scroll through all that, put simply, this DLC is going to be Gigantic! (pun intended) A new area and boss aren’t the only things being thrown into this game. It turns out a secret SECOND boss and area will also be available but will require a bit more time before players can enter. Basically, in order to reach this highly classified zone, players will need to reach the coveted “Boss-Cells 5” difficulty tier, meaning you need to have conquered the final boss at least 5 times.

In addition, ten new enemies will be thrown into the game, some exclusive to new areas and some peppered throughout the base game’s higher difficulties. A new “skin system” will be introduced as well, which will allow players to customize their appearance across 50 new outfits. Outfits can be obtained through collecting blueprints which will become random drops like everything else. On top of all this, three new skills and ten new weapons will also be included, the most important one being a pet companion that can fly. Yes, you read that right, Dead Cells is about to get even better, because every game is better with flying pets. Prove me wrong.

Like the initial game, Early Access helped Motion Twin mold Dead Cells into the fantastic title it is today. With the DLC being an opt-in beta, the same type of feedback will help them make sure this new expansion live up to the Dead Cells name. It also could mean that those playing the beta, might be playing a very different version of it when it officially launches, whenever that may be.

As I just stated, no official release date has been announced yet, but seeing as how this expansion has been 9 months in the making, it would probably be safe to assume we will see it sometime this year. Though Motion Twin considers Dead Cells to be a “complete title”, they feel that this DLC will offer “a proper conclusion to the story and to explain things a little bit more”, while also adding an “extra layer of quality” to this already polished rogue-like experience.

You can check out the “behind the scenes” short below… unless you want to go into this DLC blind, in which case you should only watch the first few minutes.

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