There’s good news for all the Deadpool movie franchise fans, who like their spandexed jokester raunchy and his enemies cut to pieces: Disney declared their continuation of these types of adult-oriented films.

In a conference call about earnings results, Disney CEO Bob Iger said that Fox properties will continue to exist as they have, without much influence from the House of Mouse. This not only concerns franchises like the Simpsons and Family Guy, but also our beloved Deadpool and all multimedia flagships with an edge to them. A couple of weeks ago we reported on Ryan Reynolds hinting at some changes to the tried and true Deadpool movie formula.

Back in January, some speculated this might mean a move away from the R-Rated brand of entertainment Reynolds and his crew made us happy with. Iger’s new statement contradicts this and it seems it will be in the hands of the Deadpool team completely.

For Disney, it all comes down to crystal clear product branding aiming not to confuse the consumer. In the end, this means we will most likely never see a Deadpool movie under the Disney banner. This is probably also bad news for Deadpool’s status as an official Disney princess.

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