Today FutureMark, best known for their series of 3DMark benchmarking tools unveiled a new Benchmark aimed at testing the new features introduced by NVIDIA‘s latest RTX GPUs

3DMark Port Royal is built to be a next-generation Ray tracing benchmark, but what interests me more is how it’s implementing NVIDIA’s new DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) technology, interestingly this benchmark is yielding incredible results in favor of DLSS.

When testing with DLSS on and off, DLSS actually IMPROVES average FPS by around 40-50%, this is hugely important as typically any form of AA is associated with a noticeable FPS decrease, rather than an increase.

The biggest performance boost occurs in the mid-tier RTX 2060 as demonstrated in the graph below

This huge FPS boost coming from DLSS occurs due to how the Turing architecture handles various tasks, Tensor Cores, independent from the traditional GPU CUDA Cores, handle almost all the hard work that DLSS entails, freeing up valuable GPU resources to push more frames. In addition to this DLSS prioritises scene composition, meaning DLSS intelligently applies its AA to only edges of objects and specific items within the screen rather than a blanket AA on the whole scene, while Deep Learning AI “fills in” the blanks of what edges require smoothing and which edges don’t, resulting in a better frame overall, while simultaneously increasing frame rate.

3DMark Port Royal is only available for DirectX Raytracing enabled GPUs meaning at this time it can be only used in conjunction with NVIDIA RTX graphics cards meaning AMD’s upcoming 7nm architecture Radeon VII cards are not supported in this benchmark, which may mean the benchmark is only useful for comparing performance within the RTX family of GPU’s

This benchmark, as with any benchmark, isn’t wholly indicative of real-world performance, but it will become part of standard testing methodology when approaching RTX GPU’s. It’s very important to remember that each developer creates their games differently, many more variables outside the controlled environment of a benchmark will alter overall performance, however, this tool serves as a perfect example of what DLSS is capable of when properly implemented.

I for one am incredibly excited to see how performance will be affected by DLSS in upcoming supported AAA titles

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