It seems that everytime that you log into GTA 5‘s GTA Online nowadays it seems as if the world has been flipped upside down in some way. Whether it be players suddenly armed with trucks with surface-to-air missiles attached, flying bikes or, in the case of the newest update, tiny RC cars, Rockstar are continually finding ways of keeping players coming back for more.

The latest incentive is somewhat on the nose but promises to help out the budding criminal wherever they may be. During the month of February, logging into GTA Online each weekend will net you $250K in GTA cash; this means that if you return each and every weekend you will receive a total of 1 million dollars of easy money. Boom! You’re one step closer to smashing a level 15 players with a harrier jump jet.

Each week’s reward will be deposited into your Maze Bank account the following weekend so you just have to wait for the riches to trickle in.

Additionally, Rockstar is offering double cash and RP in any of the eight new races centered around the new Remote Control car the RC Bandito. Truly there has never been an easier time to jump into the game and start building your criminal empire.

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