ArenaNet has announced a new PvP mount for Guild Wars 2, the Warclaw.

Guild Wars 2 is getting a fearsome new mount, in the form of the Warclaw. This fearsome, new cat mount has been created for combat and siege warfare and is arriving February 26 as part of a free update.

The Warclaw can only be obtained in World vs. World (WvsW), but can be summoned anywhere mounts are able to be summoned. This new mount comes with a variety of special abilities, each designed to enhance existing WvW mechanics:

  • Battle Maul: When diving into battle, your Warclaw will maul the enemy before disappearing into the Mist.
  • Chain Pull: The most advanced Warclaw trainers can use their mounts to help pull down gates.
  • Evade: Need to break through enemy lines? Your mount can use its stamina to gain a quick burst of speed and evade attacks.

You can watch the full release trailer for Guild Wars 2’s new Warclaw mount below:

The mount will be available to everyone who owns the Path of Fire expansion for Guild Wars 2.

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