Nintendo is reportedly set to attempt to capitalize on the popularity of their Switch console, with plans to release a smaller, cheaper version of the hardware as early as this calendar year.

The exact specifications are merely subject to speculation for now, but rumor has it that this drop in price will be achieved by streamlining the system by removing some of its flashier features. Most likely, the plastic docking station will be sold separately, with the joy-con controllers remaining locked to the system screen, as opposed to the detachable original.

When combined with the choice to make the system smaller as a whole, Nintendo could save production costs by not having to implement motion controls or fiddly joy-con slots, in addition to general material cutbacks.

Instead, the Japanese giant will follow the example set by the Switch’s little brother, with the 2DS simply being a streamlined 3DS. Restricting some features for the sake of cost worked well for Nintendo before, extending the latter’s lifespan by a good couple of years.

Nintendo Switch with Red and Blue JoyCons

The aforementioned changes will optimize the console for on the go play, promoting the Switch as the system of choice for handheld gamers. This comes at the perfect time for the company, as sales for both 3DS hardware and software begin to take a dip, whereas the Switch is riding high at over 32 million worldwide sales.

Hey, if Nintendo wants to make this fantastic system, as well as its equally brilliant library of games, available to more people; more power to them. Just be sure to get Breath of the Wild first, everyone.

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