Although Kingdom Hearts 3 has only been out for nine days, it has already shipped over five million units on the global market. This includes both physical and digital copies of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One game.

Square Enix’s official press release on the sales noted that this makes Kingdom Hearts 3 the fastest selling game in the entire series. Not bad, considering there are thirteen titles to contend with (not even counting remasters and rereleases).

The sales are more than double what Kingdom Hearts 2 raked in 14 years ago. Although the wait was painful, this certainly proves the loyalty of Kingdom Hearts fans, and it seems the 14 years of secondary and tertiary games drew in many additional fans who were just as eager to finish the story out.

Whether you’ve already picked up the game and helped make up that five million tally or you’re still thinking of picking the game up, you can check out our review of Kingdom Hearts 3 here. Kingdom Hearts 3 is currently available for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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