At the New York Toy Fair this past weekend LEGO unveiled LEGO Hidden Side a brand new range of building sets which are “enhanced” with Augmented Reality (AR).

The LEGO Hidden Side range currently features eight “haunted” building sets in which players turn these haunted worlds back to normal one ghost at a time. These sets blend the classic LEGO building experience with modern-day AR tech giving players two ways to play.

Players will now not only spend time building and playing with the physical toy set but they’ll also be able to load up the LEGO AR app to reveal a hidden interactive world featuring its own mysteries and challenges for players to solve.

Looking at the set through the app, players can interact with certain “points of possession” which reveal virtual ghosts that players can capture to stop the haunting. Players will also experience their LEGO creation from a first-person perspective.

LEGO Hidden Side

Interestingly, this is LEGO’s first foray into the games-as-a-service model adopted by many video games as the Hidden Side sets and its AR app will expand with more features as time goes on allowing more experiences from individual sets.

“We’re leveraging some of the best elements of mobile games to keep the experience fresh, encouraging kids to return to their LEGO sets time and again to see what is different,” said Tom Donaldson, senior vice president, Creative Play Lab at the LEGO Group. “With the thoughtful integration of LEGO building and AR technology, we can deliver a truly innovative play experience that taps into the everchanging landscape of fluid play, where children constantly find new moments and forms of play.”

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