Our beloved partners in time, Max and Chloe, return in Issue #2 of Titan’s ‘Life is Strange’ comics, which explores one possible timeline following the events at the end of the original game. One year since the girls escaped the fatal hurricane that wiped out their home, of Arcadia Bay and the girls have a new life in Seattle. However, it’s becoming apparent that they can’t keep ignoring their past… first off, if you haven’t read our review of Issue #1, check it out here!

Despite a vow to go with the flow and quit time-jumping all together, Max has been having some hella weird visions: timelines are converging, Chloe’s popping in and out of existence and Max’s nasty nosebleeds are back. We both know those are always a bad sign, so the girls decide they’re done running and head to Arcadia Bay’s ‘One year later’ memorial to face their demons.

Getting to come along on the girls’ little road trip is a total treat – we get Chloe’s epic truck bad, some good old best friend bickering and some insight on how the girls are feeling after trying so hard to forget what happened in Arcadia Bay. Not all of this issue is witty remarks and cool art – Life is Strange is infamous for going from chill to total heartbreak in 8.5 seconds and the comic is no different

Without giving away spoilers, Max’s strange and ever temperamental powers over time allow for some surprising reunions and in true Life is Strange fashion, makes us ask way more questions than they answer – which is fine by me! One of the best things about Life is Strange for me has always been its ability to make me think I know exactly what to expect and then take me for a completely different ride.

Titan Comics' Life is Strange Issue 2

Chloe gets the idea that maybe Max’s powers are trying to tell her they need closure – but saying goodbye to their ghosts proves harder to do than they thought and in the end, they realize the answer to Max’s problems are once again not going to be that simple. And so, issue 2 ends there with the promise of more mystery, time-turning powers gone awry and two best friends just trying to have it all make sense.

Once again, artist Claudia Leonardi and writer Emma Vieceli have done a beautiful job of staying true to the art style that Dontnod used for the games (from the look of iconic Arcadia Bay locations to the girls clothing and even the decals on Chloe’s car,) fans of the original game will really appreciate the attention to detail and how well the dialogue is done – they absolutely nail the characters of Max and Chloe, as if their lines are ripped straight from the game. The story drew me in from the start of issue #1, just because of the fact that I was excited to visit these old friends, but the story holds up well against an already existing universe and I’m excited to see where it goes!

Issue 3 is also now available so keep an eye out for our that review! Have you been reading the comics? What do you think about the story so for or where it may be heading? Let us know in the comments down below!

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