The girls find themselves back in Arcadia Bay in Life is Strange #3 to try and find closure after receiving an invite to the memorial ceremony honoring those lost in the hurricane one year prior. As if returning home wasn’t weird enough, Max’s strange power surges are only getting worse as they continue exploring the town.

Issue #3 has the story take a quick sidestep to check out The HighSeas (the Seattle band Max and Chloe hang with,) performing their new song and talking about how much they miss the girls. At first, I was worried it was taking away from the main story but since the band-mates are so sweet (and also pretty cool looking,) the scene left me wanting to learn more about them – hopefully something we’ll get later on?

Also, as much as I want Max and Chloe to get the peace and quiet they deserve, I couldn’t wait to see what other ‘ghosts’ pop up. If Max and Chloe high-tailed it at the first sign of eerie, there’d be no story.

Max wakes to find herself in Chloe’s old room – a sad sight with all of its glorious graffiti, posters, and general Chloe-ness ripped away. Even though it’s just a few drawings, you can feel the house’s emptiness. Chloe admits that coming back here may have been good for her after all, a chance to say goodbye to her home now that losing her parents is finally sinking in. Just then, a bird (blue of all colors!!) flies through the room and she urges it to ‘be free’, saying “You could be anywhere but you ‘choose’ this place? Crazy fucking bird.” Maybe I’m just crazy, but if that isn’t symbolic then I don’t know what is. It’s still one of my favorite lines so far in all of the three issues.


The shocking – but not so shocking? – return of Warren popping up at Blackwell Academy was an awesome choice but in true Life is Strange fashion, the scene had me cheering, confused and then just plain sad! It’s looking like sometimes Chloe can share Max’s powers if they’re touching – as seen in the scene that ends with both of them doubled over with nosebleeds. Not exactly a glamorous superpower but still sorta kinda cool.

The real question though… would we trust Chloe with time-bending powers? So as they’re trying to figure out what the hell just happened (same,) Rachel Amber walks over for a casual chat like it’s any other day at Blackwell. Yes. The Rachel Amber. I have absolutely zero idea what’s going on, but since Rachel was hands down my favorite character in the games, I was beyond happy with her return!

Max isn’t feeling too great and Chloe says she needs a minute alone so the two split up, just in time for Warren to pop back into existence to shed a little light on what the hell is going on. As it turns out, neither realities are real or fake – they’re parallel. Makes sense…kind of? Towards the end of the game, Life is Strange, Max sort of has to address this issue but the comic looks like it’s taking it further and now, all of these realities are crashing into one another.

The question is, how do they make it stop? And that’s where Issue #3 ends.

I’m such a fan of what Emily Vieceli and Claudia Leonardi are doing here with Dust. They totally capture the mood of Arcadia Bay, keeping little details that only fans of the game will notice, while also making the town their own artistically. Vieceli once again captures the essence of each character so clearly, I can hear the voice actresses saying the lines in my head. I can’t wait to see where issue #4 takes Chloe and Max.

Have you been catching up on Chloe and Max’s latest adventure? Let us know what you think in the comments down below.

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