It seems that Fortnite is going to be a difficult hype train to derail as they hosted a Marshmello Concert, albeit a short one, to over 10 million players.

Hosted in one of the few remaining original locations, Pleasant Park, the one-shot event saw the EDM DJ put on a virtual performance for literal millions, but only for around 10 minutes.

This is the first event of its kind and was even accompanied by new items in the shop tab of Fortnite for fellow players to attend the concert in the stars iconic outfit, as well as a Harvesting Tool and Glider too. Those who managed to make attendance at the gig were also awarded a dance for their participation.

The fluffy-snacked superstar gained traction with the games community after Twitch’s star streamer, Ninja, played with the producer as well as winning the E3 Pro-Am tournament last year with him.

Marshmello in Fortnite

This event opens up a whole new avenue for Epic Games as teaming up with one musical star means others will want a slice of the metaphysical cake. Some have also been known to partake in the Battle Royale extravaganza, most notably, Drake.

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