Microsoft is reportedly looking to announce not one but two new Xbox consoles during their event at E3 2019.

We’re not even three months into 2019 yet we’re already getting E3 2019 rumors. This particular one is regarding Microsoft’s plans for E3 where it’s set to announce two new Xbox consoles at E3 2019 with a proposed 2020 release.

French site JeuxVideo first broke the news, which has since been corroborated by Thurrott. The sites are reporting that the consoles are code-named Lockhart and Anaconda. Lockheart is supposedly part of the already announced Project Scarlett, and may be the streaming-only console previously rumored. More details reveal that this console will come in at around $200.

As for Anaconda, This is set to be a much slimmer and updated version of the Xbox One X. Whether it’ll retain the “Xbox One X” name is currently unknown.

One report also states that Halo Infinite will be the flagship title to launch with Lockheart, so chances are, with it being disc-less, it’ll be packed on the console on release which is definitely an interesting outlook for future console bundles.

Of course, Microsoft is yet to confirm or deny these rumors so it’s best to take this info with a pinch of salt.

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