A new Hellboy image has been released showing off more of that new Hellboy style. Hopefully, this means a new trailer is around the corner as well!

A couple of months ago we finally got our first look at what to expect from this Hellboy reboot. Sadly, the trailer left most a bit confused as to what direction this film was taking our demonic prince. While no new footage has been shown since, this new image comes with specific comment from David Harbour himself, which should hopefully put some anxious fans at ease.

“[Perlman] does something quite extraordinary in those films that is very specific to him, and I did not want to imitate that in any way,” Harbour explains.“In our movie Hellboy’s younger. He’s rougher. He’s much more of a teenager. He’s really struggling with the idea of whether or not he’s a good person.”

The new image shows more of that “grittier aesthetic” the film seems to be going for. Hearing Harbour state that he looks to make the character his own by exploring this struggle between “am I a good guy or bad guy” inner conflict is also refreshing. He might not be trying to imitate Pearlman with his Hellboy, but he sure as hell might intimidate him! Amiright?? Just look at those abs…

For those that were a bit disappointed with the trailer not really showcasing that “hard R” Neil Marshall is going for, check out this tweet that just dropped yesterday. I think it’s safe to say we will be seeing some gore from this film, just be patient.

Hellboy is expected to release on April 12, 2019.

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