This isn’t my first run in with Kool2Play (and I doubt my last). Our last encounter had me wishing furious bees upon them after playing Clock Simulator (I’m still not entirely against the idea). This time around I tackled Nice Slice. A game about *drum roll* slicing things… nicely.

I really want to like Kool2Play but unfortunately once again I was left a little numb. Though not quite as bad this time. There appears to have been a drop more thought put into the development here as I was delighted to see some variety this time around. So props to you guys 👍.

I think I will build up to the good points so as to increase the anticipation for you. The lowest point in Nice Slice is, like it’s tick-tocking brethren, gameplay. Once again you will be subject to a maddeningly repetitive single-button play style. There are fewer restrictions at least this time as you can go all-in on the A button until both your hand and JoyCon catch fire as you release the rage of the dull gameplay so thankfully it can be instantly relieved through rage-fueled button bashing, like a toddler playing Tekken against an older sibling.

Nice Slice Screenshot

I was disappointed again by the one-button style from Kool2Play. I honestly don’t know what I was expecting in all honesty, but you could at least switch (pun intended) it up by instead using the consoles touch-screen capability instead of the JoyCon. Just be careful not to ram your hand through the screen as you scream through the insanity of repetition. Just remember what Vaas told us Far Cry 3!

A slight saving grace here is that on occasion little coins would appear on the screen. If any part of what you were cutting up were to touch those doubloons it would be added into your wallet. If you manage to fill up your wallet enough though you will be able to unlock different knives to use (strictly cosmetic I might add) or one of two different places to stab shit up (is this aimed at children?).

Another point in favor of the gameplay is that you would be constantly praised for your good performance with point multipliers and motivational messages. I was highly appreciative of being called Godlike, it feels great to have my over inflated ego stroked by knives with faces. It’s the dream.

Nice Slice does have a multiplayer feature and it is honestly nothing to brag about. It takes up a competitive view and pits you and a friend against each other to aim for the highest score before one of you gives up and leaves the building as you realize this pointless and you don’t need friends who subject you to such tedium.

Nice Slice Screenshot

Remaining with the low points we touch upon the sound design featured in our Inanimate Object Slicing Simulator: Nice Slice. With each slice you do, you will be tortured with a noise so irritating that my fiance will hunt you down because she is sick of hearing that shit. Seriously, I was told to turn it down as the supersonic slashing was getting on HER nerves and she wasn’t even playing it. Can’t say I was particularly a fan either but she was maaaaaaaaaad.

Time for a more positive note I think. Take my little bag of tricks and shake it up like a lunatic with a knife. Between Nice Slice and Clock Simulator, I noticed that there was a little more effort put into how the game looked. Gone was the single-color splat and instead we had a more vibrant mix to feast our seeing globes on and a more cartoon-like visual adopted. There was a distinct presence of character this time around.

The appearance was definitely more satisfying in Nice Slice and I actually found myself sat for a good few hours just mindlessly staring at my screen appreciating the fun style. The games simple premise and vibrant visuals mixed well, albeit having draining gameplay.

Nice Slice Screenshot

Despite my obvious hatred towards the tedious tapping, I was unable to stop myself and put down my Nintendo Switch. Not because I’d become zombified from the constant hypnotic back-and-forth of my pokey pals but because there was a vast amount of unlockables and achievements (I fucking love achievements). I found myself in constant pursuit of the meaningless titles that Nice Slice was offering to me. Every completed objective provides you with a significant increase to your wallet which can be used to unlock different knives and places to use them.

The main reason I wanted to unlock all the different knives was that some of them appealed to my inner Dad: they were puns. As a dad, I have a soft spot for a pun. My all-around favorite was Cuthulu… I didn’t see it at first either, to be honest, but when I did, I shamelessly guffawed and became determined to own the Lovecraftian Letter Opener. Honorable mention to the Spacesheep knife. Props to Kool2Play for that one.

As for the two different levels. The hardest of the two to unlock was most worth it. IT WAS IN SPACE. This meant Zero-G Slicing which is way cooler than it sounds. The first unlockable level was a pirate ship. Let’s face it, pirates are sick and if any of us had the chance, we would be one.

Nice Slice Screenshot

Overall, I was once again rage-filled by Kool2Play having the inability to map more than one action button for the purposes of gameplay. The sour taste in my mouth was less face-twisting than last time in thanks to the games visual style and having goals to work towards. The hypnosis hasn’t quite settled too as I have destroyed my kitchen slicing up fruit and bread with the cleaver I stuck Cuthulus face onto.

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