According to reports, Platinum Games’ canceled Xbox exclusive, Scalebound, might be getting a second lease of life, exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

Scalebound, the large-scale RPG which was set to see human and dragon fight alongside each other, might be making a comeback according to a report from NintendoInsider, who has heard from sources that Nintendo will be bringing the title back from the dead for the Nintendo Switch.

This of course was further backed up earlier this year when GamesRadar hinted that Nintendo was to revive a “dead and buried” title. Now it seems Scalebound is that title which is pretty damn exciting.

Oh, and if two hints weren’t enough, here’s another:

When Microsoft canceled the title back in 2017 fans weren’t too pleased as the game looked to be one of the more interesting exclusive titles coming to the console back then. I guess now Nintendo is hoping to cash in on that hype.

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