Overwatch Baptiste Hero Artwork

Update (27/02/2019): Blizzard has “officially” officially announced Baptiste, who is now available in the PC PTR. We also have plenty more details on what exactly his abilities are.

As mentioned below, he’ll come with a Biotic Launcher, a three-round-burst launcher which, if players can master its recoil, will deliver insane damage. In addition, it doubles as a healing device dishing out a Regenerative Burst. Much like Ana’s sniper rifle, but this Burst heals both Baptiste and nearby allies.

In addition to his Biotic Launcher, he comes with an Immortality Field which prevents allies from dying while standing within the field. Fortunately for enemies, this generator can be destroyed.

As for his Ultimate ability, Baptise can unleash the Amplification Matrix, a matrix which doubles damage and healing effects of friendly projectiles that pass through it. This seems like a fantastic tool to have when protecting objectives from attack, offering a more offensive onslaught to incoming enemies.

Baptiste also has Exo Boots as a passive ability which, by first crouching, will have players jump much higher.

You can take Baptiste for a spin right now in the PC PTR. He’ll like then be rolled-out across all platforms in the coming weeks.

Original Story: Blizzard has finally unveiled the latest hero to join the Overwatch roster which they were teasing this week. It’s a new healer called Baptiste.

The official Overwatch YouTube account uploaded Baptiste’s Origin Story video last night giving us a brief background of the new character. As with most Overwatch characters, Baptiste had a bit of a troubled childhood and had to make some difficult choices to get where he is today.

An interesting thing of note is that Baptiste’s armor features a Talon logo, the same terrorist organization connected to Reaper and Doomfist. Which, for those who follow along with the game’s extensive lore, will find pretty interesting.

Baptiste is set to be a mix of DPS and healer offering both “bandages and bullets” with players having the final choice as to which they’ll use.

Right now we’re unsure when Baptiste will be making his way into Overwatch, likely he’ll hit the PTR first before an overall rollout across all platforms, so stay tuned to that.

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