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As we creep like resurrected cats towards the release date of Pet Sematary, a second trailer for the film has premiered.

The Pet Sematary trailer plays on things that have been teased, but unlike the last one, there appears to be mostly as-yet-unseen footage. The trailer begins with a figure lurching down a hallway, dropping an animal mask in the process–much to the horror of some key adults. A hug takes place, but it doesn’t seem to be a fun time for those involved.

Afterward, we see Ellie Creed (Jeté Laurence) walking on a path in the woods. This is intercut with her mother (Amy Seimetz) telling her father (and main character) Louis (Jason Clarke) about a “charming little landmark” Ellie found in the woods. This is, of course, the Pet Sematary, which we get to see in a scene that appears to diverge from the moment of discovery in the original King book. Louis assures his daughter that it’s natural, even if it seems frightening.

Pet Sematary screenshot

This cuts to Jud Crandall (Jon Lithgow) explaining some of the histories of the place to young Ellie. We also see Jud explaining the darker history of the place to Louis, referring to strange markings that were carved on trees by local Native American tribes before they fled the area. We even see a drawing of a Wendigo in a book Louis is thumbing through, and the two men going to the Pet Semetary at night, where they can hear it.

This trailer also gives the biggest hints at major plot points in the story we’ve seen so far. Church, the resurrected cat, is given his screen time, and we also see a small coffin being lowered into the ground. Then Louis enters a (human) cemetery at night. We see the same clip of the walking figure again–with context now, it appears to be Ellie, which would also represent a huge diversion from both the original book and first film adaptation of Pet Sematary. Jud confirms right in the trailer that the resurrected person is a Creed child, which is somewhat irksome, but perhaps not the biggest spoiler for a story that first made the public eye in 1983.

We see Zelda again in her different, twisted forms along with the flashing message: “They don’t come back the same“–with another verbal reminder from Jud that “Sometimes dead is better.”

You may watch the trailer below:

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For more information on the movie, you can check out its official synopsis and casting herePet Sematary will be out in theaters on April 5 of this year.

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