The name Peter Molyneux is one in the gaming community draped in controversy and often brings out the torches and pitchforks when mentioned.

The man in question has once again stepped into the media spotlight like a disreputable Jesus. Famed originally for the game Populous back in the late 80’s, ol’ Petey Boy was later blasted with hate over broken promises regarding another of his titles, Fable. A game which people claimed could not deliver on its promises.

Now the eye-brow raising, sigh inducing developer has a new target in mind; Nintendo Switch. However, very little is known about what Molyneux actually has planned.

In a recent interview with NintendoLife, all we know so far is that he plans to bring a game known only as ‘Legacy’ to the portable platform once developers at 22cans complete production. You can read the interview here.

Molyneux and 22cans have already premiered on the Nintendo Switch last year with The Trail: Frontier Challenge which is a port of a mobile game, albeit a critically well-received one. This could actually mean that the legendary designer could be on the up and coming once again.

Do you believe that Peter Molyneux will return to the glory days or will he once again vanish into obscurity until another couple of console generations pass us by? Let us know in the comments

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