Gears 5 Title

The Coalition, the developer of the Gears of War series, recently had a visit from Xbox boss Phil Spencer. His trip to Vancouver was to check on the status of the upcoming Gears 5 title, and he seems to have come out of the experience very pleased with what he saw.

Phil even managed to sneak a picture of the development team playing the newest Gears title, and took to Twitter to share his thoughts:


While it’s hard to make out what is on their screens, I’m sure someone will have an in-depth look into the image soon. Also, Phil, people have been fired for less, but kudos to you for swinging your power around and posting stealth dev shots.

Gears 5 will follow Kait Diaz, a character that was first introduced in Gears of War 4. She is the series first playable female lead and one whose conclusion in Gears 4 left things open for future installments.

Along with Gears 5, Gears Tactics and Gears POP! are other upcoming titles to look out for, though neither have concrete release dates yet.

For those that have yet to play any Gears titles (shame on you), you can conveniently find all of them through the Xbox Game Pass. You can skip Judgement though, we don’t really talk about that one.

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