Niantic Labs and The Pokémon Company have announced the details for the March Pokémon Go community day that features none other than Treecko.

The Pokémon that will be invading your locality will be Treecko, available, as usual, both normal and in shiny forms for lucky players. There will be some other familiar community day bonuses, like lures that last three hours instead of the regular half hour on non-event days.

Evolving Treecko to its final form (Sceptile) up to an hour after the community day ends will also give it an exclusive move, though what the move in question is has not been announced yet.

There will also be a bonus player’s don’t get during every community day: all incubators will be four times more effective during the community day event.

The Treecko community day will take place on March 23. It will run from 3 PM to 6 PM in every single region and time zone, so you can skip any and all labored time adjustment math this time around.

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