A lovely new update has hatched just in time for Valentine’s Day Pokémon GO is bringing back some of the more romantically themed Pocket Monsters.

These Pokémon include but are not limited to fairy type Jigglypuff, water type (heart shaped) Luvdisc, flying/grass type Hoppip and many, many more of your pink poké favourites to be found in the wild and will hatch more frequently from 7 km Eggs! Even Raids are not safe from the limited time world wide love in with perennial pink Pokémon Porygon and pals popping up more frequently for romantic Raid battles (suitable for soloing but always better together). What way to say I love you than waiting two minutes and mindlessly tapping at your smart devices together?

Perhaps the two most generous and loving gifts of all from Niantic to every Pokémaniac is Six Hour Lures, this will be perfect for those romantic late night strolls, picnics or sitting alone spamming your local Pokéstops all day! Gotta Catch ’em All Somehow! Secondly we are also being blessed with a Double Catch Candy bonus, making raids that much more attractive to pursue and those seemingly impossibly evolutions that much more achievable (I’m looking at you Meltan) meaning you will get 6 candies from base level Pokémon (eg. Charmander), 10 from first evolutions, (eg. Wortortle) and a whopping 20 for any second stage evolutions (eg. Venusaur).

Unfortunately like all tragic romances the Valentine’s Festival is but a fleeting thing and comes to a conclusion February 21 2019.

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