Sure, the Super Bowl is a big event for football fans. But what do you on that sporty Sunday if you have no interest in football, but love puppies (and other animals)? Animal Planet has got your back with The Puppy Bowl.

Unsure when to watch the biggest canine sports event of the year? Well never fear we’ve got you sorted with a list of when and where to watch the Puppy Bowl.

When is The Puppy Bowl XV?

The Puppy Bowl airs the same day as Super Bowl LIII (Sunday, February 3) and kicks off at 3 p.m. ET on Animal Planet. The Puppy Bowl features 93 dogs this year. As always, the pups come from animal shelters around the US and are split into teams Fluff and Ruff. You can check out the starting line-up, the back-up pups, and galleries from previous years on Animal Planet’s website. One of the goals of the Puppy Bowl is to get all of its players into forever homes, so if you see a face you can’t resist, you might be in luck.

Of course, the puppies aren’t the only animals in the spotlight. Alongside the human ref, there will be a co-ref in Shirley the sloth. Cheerleaders come in the form of baby kangaroos, porcupines, and capybaras, and the kitty halftime show will return for another year.

Where can I watch the Puppy Bowl XV?

So where can you watch this wonderful collection of playful pups and friends? Well, Animal Planet, for one. Animal Planet starts showing a pre-game feature at 11 AM EST on February 3, then the Puppy Bowl starts at 3 PM EST. Usually, it is replayed over the course of the day, so you can just keep on watching, and watching and watching…

If you’re away from your home TV, Animal Planet will be streaming Puppy Bowl XV here. Hulu LIVE, DirecTV NOW, and PlayStation Vue will also have the Bowl up and ready to watch come February 3.

What dogs will play in the Puppy Bowl XV?

Below is a handy list of all of the pups that’ll be taking part in this year’s Puppy Bowl as well as what shelters they belong to. Details on how to adopt or get in touch with the shelters will be shown on the day.

Team Name Shelter
Fluff Ace Virginia Beach SPCA, VA
Ruff Alexander Big Fluffy Dogs Rescue, TN
Fluff Astro Animal Friends Humane Society, OH
Ruff Bee The Sato Project, PR
Ruff Bella The Sato Project, PR
Fluff Brady Dog Star Rescue, CT
Fluff Brooklyn AHeinz57 Pet Rescue & Transport, IA
Ruff Bugsy The Sato Project, PR
Fluff Bumble Double J Dog Ranch, ID
Fluff Clara Florida Little Dog Rescue, FL
Fluff Dawn Citizens for Animal Protection, TX
Ruff Emmitt Planned Pethood, FL
Ruff Flo Helen Woodward Animal Center, CA
Fluff Flora Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland, ME
Fluff Foles Providence Animal Center, PA
Fluff Gallagher Pet Rescue & Transport, IA
Ruff George Nevada SPCA, NV
Ruff Harry The Sato Project, PR
Ruff Hank Green Dogs Unleashed, PA
Fluff Lola Florida Little Dog Rescue, FL
Fluff Maisey Jersey Girls Animal Rescue, NJ
Fluff Marisol Territorio de Zaguates, Costa Rica
Fluff Melody Memphis Humane Society, TN
Ruff Moses Big Fluffy Dogs Rescue, TN
Ruff Pirate Animal Welfare League of Alexandria, VA
Ruff Pistachio Every Dog Counts Rescue, IN
Fluff Remington Bonnie’s Animal Rescue Kingdom, NJ
Fluff Scooter Virginia Beach SPCA, VA
Ruff Scotch Paw Works, CA
Ruff Shy Boy SPCALA, CA
Ruff Sierra Muddy Paws, NY
Fluff Smudge Animal Friends Humane Society, OH
Ruff Violet Vanderpump Dogs, CA
Fluff Will Doodle Rock Rescue, TX
Ruff Whitney Big Fluffy Dogs, TN
Fluff Ziggy AHeinz57 Pet Rescue & Transport, IA

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