John Krasinski announced a sequel to 2018’s horror hit, A Quiet Place is in the works and is scheduled for release May 15, 2020.

Krasinski wrote (with Scott Beck and Bryan Woods), directed and starred in A Quiet Place which quickly became a hit among critics and horror fans. Krasinski and his real-life wife, Emily Blunt, are set to return to for the sequel with Krasinski confirmed to direct the film.

John Krasinski announced the title via a post on Twitter, which you can see below:

It would be absolutely criminal if this movie isn’t turned into a horror franchise with titles such as A Very Quiet Place, A Very Very Quiet Place, A Quiet Place: The SHHH-quel.

A Quiet Place is Certified Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes with a 95% rating. Are you excited for a sequel? Let us know in the comments below!

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