The fourth Season of Rainbow Six Siege is officially underway and with it, Ubisoft has unveiled the latest content drop ‘Burnt Horizon’. Unveiled alongside the Year 4 roadmap at the Six Invitational 2019, these new operators are set to switch up the meta and keep Siege feeling fresh throughout the year.

Year 4 is kicking off with a duo from down under. Named Mozzie and Gridlock, these operators aim to reverse the roles of attackers and defenders whilst substantially discouraging roaming opponents across the board.

Gridlock is a 3-armor, 1-speed attacker who comes equipped with three Trax Stingers – throwable, expanding spike clusters that slow and damage enemies who walk on them. She comes equipped with the F90 assault rifle or M249 LMG, as well as the Super Shorty sawn-off shotgun.

On the other hand, Mozzie is a 2 armor, 2 speed defender who wields three deployable Pest devices, which automatically hack and take over any enemy drone that enters a small radius. The drone is then fully under the command of the defending team. Mozzie can use an AR9 assault rifle or the R10 Ronie machine pistol, as well as the same Super Shorty as Gridlock.

In addition to the new operators we also have the Australian map ‘Outback’ to look forward to, Rainbow Six Siege ‘Burnt Horizon’ doesn’t currently have a release date, but it should be expected on PC test servers very soon.

For more on the new operators coming to Rainbow Six Siege, check out the video below:

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