Ubisoft has detailed the upcoming fourth season of Rainbow Six Siege which is set to continue to introduce new maps and operators to the competitive shooter.

Since its initial release back in December 2015, Rainbow Six Siege has gone from strength to strength. Following a decent amount of exposure from both YouTuber’s and Twitch Influencers, the game has reached mass appeal amongst both average players and competitive professionals. It’s hard to believe then that the game is already gearing up to enter its 4th Year and recently achieved the landmark of over 44 million total players; they grow up so fast.

Announced alongside the latest update, titled ‘Burnt Horizon’, the Roadmap for Siege’s 4th Year promises to introduce numerous fixes and playlists that are aimed at pulling in new players whilst sating the desires of the hardcore.

Similar to what we’ve seen with previous Rainbow Six Siege annual roadmaps, Year 4 is will be split into four separate seasons, with each introducing new counterterrorism operators for players to learn and mess around with the meta.

As of now, the Year 4 Roadmap looks something like this:

  • Year 4 Season 1: Two Australian Operators, new Outback map
  • Year 4 Season 2: One U.S. Operator, One Danish Operator, Kafe map rework
  • Year 4 Season 3: One Mexican Operator, One Peruvian Operator, Kanal rework
  • Year 4 Season 4: One Indian Operator, One Kenyan Operator, Theme Park rework

Players can also expect Operator balancing, player behavior fixes, and alternative playlists will to feature intermittently throughout 2019. Regardless, there’s never been a better time to jump into Siege.

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