Red Dead Redemption 2‘s Red Dead Online is set to receive a significant content drop towards the end of February and although there’s no PVP barn dancing yet, you shouldn’t lose hope. Rockstar has now divulged some of the features in the latest update and it seems players will have much more to do in the massive American wilderness.

First off, players can update their arsenal with new weapons including the Evans Repeater rifle and the double-barreled longarm Rare Shotgun, which will be available at local Gunsmiths and in the Wheeler & Rawson Catalogue.

Additionally, a new challenge, ‘Fool’s Gold’, is due to be released and added to the Free Roam Events, the mode will see players compete for a protective – if a little gaudy – suit of Golden Armor. Whoever manages to off the player wearing the armor will earn points and will then be the wearer of this fancy new suit. Additionally, three new Showdown Modes will be in the update, which involves stealing loot from one another for survival and capturing and delivering bags.

A new race will also be added to Red Dead Redemption 2 which allows players to shoot at targets on horseback whilst hitting checkpoints on a track. Most interesting of all new Fishing Challenges will be added which will give you the equipment you need to complete each fishing challenge, such as rods, lures, and proper bait for the challenges. That’s right. Competitive. Cowboy. Fishing.

The update is due to arrive on February 26th in the next big Red Dead Online update.

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