There’s plenty of helpful items to be found hidden throughout Resident Evil 2‘s police department and beyond. While many of them are already ripe for the taking, some of the handiest items will require a little work on your part.

If you’re struggling with codes for the storage lockers or combinations for the safes, look no further – we’ve got you covered.

Resident Evil 2 Locker Combination

Let’s start with Leon’s desk, located in the RPD’s west office. It’s not exactly a locker, but the puzzle involved is much the same – two three-letter dial combinations. A note on Leon’s desk tells you how to solve it: you need to learn the initials of Leon’s colleagues working in the same office. This is done by searching each desk for the officer’s nameplate, one of which has been knocked to the floor.

For the left-hand lock, use code NED.

For the lock on the right side, use MRG.

Considering how early this puzzle can be done, the rewards are pretty substantial: a High Capacity Magazine for Leon’s pistol, or a Speed Reloader for Claire’s revolver. Don’t forget to combine the parts with the gun to reap the benefits!

There are also three lockers for you to break into:

For the locker on the third floor of the RPD, enter DCM.

For the locker on the second floor of the RPD, use CAP.

Finally, for the sewers locker, the code is SZF.

No weapon upgrades here, I’m afraid! All three lockers contain ammo for the protagonists’ stronger weapons, including Leon’s Lightning Hawk and Claire’s SMG.

Now let’s tackle the safes.

Resident Evil 2 Safe Combinations

In the RPD’s west office (where you unlocked Leon’s desk), the combination for the safe is: spin left to 9, right to 15, then left back to 7. Your reward for this one is a hip pouch, adding an extra two slots to your inventory.

In the upstairs east-wing waiting room, enter the following: left to 6, right to 2, left to 11. Congrats – you’ve just scored yourself another weapon upgrade!

The final safe is in the Treatment Pool Room of the sewer section. Spin it left to 2, right to 12 and left to 8 to get at what’s inside.

Once you’ve got them all, you’ll also receive the Master of Unlocking trophy/achievement. Nice work!

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