Just in case your own brand of shotgun surgery wasn’t enough to help you through Resident Evil 2‘s remake, modders over at GitHub have released a First Person Mod for Capcom’s latest zombie romp.

The Resident Evil 2 Mod Framework takes a cue from last years Resident Evil 7, plopping the player right into the point of view of Leon S. Kennedy or Claire Redfield. Like any first-person shooter, the player can see their weapon, limbs, and all of Raccoon City from a frighteningly familiar perspective. And in case those tight corners and dark hallways are tripping you up, the camera does zoom back out to third-person mode for when the field of vision necessitates a wider lens.

Players can download the DLL file, released by modder praydog, and paste it into the game’s PC version directory. From there, running the “install_vs2017” file in the same directory and rebooting the game will activate first-person mode – and a whole new adventure through RE2’s creepy streets.

Unfortunately, this means that the mod is currently only available for the PC version. Resident Evil 2 Remake’s regular POV is still great – whether you’re playing on Xbox, PS4, or PC. Check out our full review  – and for those already getting gunked-up in the deadpool, check out some of our guides as well.

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