Psyonix has announced that Rocket League players across all platforms can now join each other in parties in the game.

Rocket League received cross-platform multiplayer capabilities back in January with the promise that players would soon be able to party up regardless of what platform they played on. Unfortunately, this feature got delayed somewhat as Psyonix ironed out the kinks.

Now it’s finally here with patch 1.58. This update, which is available on all platforms, will give players the chance to invite anyone on their friends list into parties and in-game clubs. This is done using a brand new RocketID which every player will now have.

All players need to do is find players via their RocketID and invite them to the party, if you’re not friends with them, at least.

The update also brings with it a few new additions including a Curveball Mutator, some audio updates, as well as the end of competitive season 9. Find out more over on the game’s website.

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