There have been reports of The Witcher 3 coming to the Nintendo Switch in the past by way of a French retailer listing. The same listing has also provided information about an Assassin’s Creed III port, which has now been confirmed as coming to Switch in Nintendo’s latest Direct. Now CD Projekt has been dropping hints.

CD Projekt has listed a job posting for Head of Software Engineering for GOG Galaxy, mentioning connecting players across all kinds of current generation gaming platforms, among them the Nintendo Switch.

For those unfamiliar, GOG Galaxy is CD Projekt’s digital storefront, where CD Projekt provide access to all their Witcher related games, including Gwent and The Witcher series.

The cited job posting has since been changed, removing all mention of any one specific gaming platform, instead referring to general crossplay. If this is a surefire sign that any CD Projekt developed video games will actually be coming to the Nintendo Switch is still very unclear. The prospect of having Geralt in the palm of my hands is very cool, so I’m willing to hope.

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