Rune Factory 4 Special Character Images

It was long rumored, to the horror of Rune Factory‘s dedicated fanbase, that Rune Factory was essentially a dead series. Thanks to the Nintendo Direct stream last week, however, we know that it’s a series alive and well: not only will we be getting Rune Factory 4 Special on the Switch, but we will also be getting the next proper series sequel, Rune Factory 5, on the Nintendo Switch as well.

Although the Direct stream did not mention the release date, a teaser site has since gone up with the date 2020 clearly emblazoned on it. Of course, it is a Japanese website, so that 2020 release date may just be meant for Japan. However, the series has proven itself popular time and time again outside of Japan, so international fans probably don’t have to worry that there won’t be localized versions for their countries at all.

Rune Factory is a series of games that includes the farming and lifestyle elements of a Story of Seasons game with the dungeon crawling aspects of a Legend of Zelda game.

Although we don’t have a very specific release date for Rune Factory 5, we know that Rune Factory 4 Special will be out on the Switch just a bit earlier, at some point this year.

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