RuneScape‘s Elite Dungeon storyline is set to conclude with the latest addition to the game, The Shadow Reef.

The Shadow Reef is the third and final chapter to RuneScape’s Elite Dungeon storyline which launched back in July last year. Elite Dungeons are a series of dungeons with an over-arching storyline. It can be played by all players either solo or buddied up with others.

This new chapter will have players embarking on a journey to the ancient sunken temple of Ulthven Kreath, that features new enemies and a concluding battle with The Ambassador. Much like previous chapters, The Shadow Reef will have a story mode option that’ll nerf the enemies slightly so players can focus more on the narrative.

Previously, Elite Dungeons had to be completed in chronological order, with The Temple of Aminishi starting first, followed by Dragonkin Laboratory, however, with the launch of The Shadow Reef, players can now tackle these dungeons in any order to higher level players can test their mettle against The Ambassador.

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