If you were a kid who liked creepy stories, the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark books were your bread and butter. The stories weren’t always the scariest part of the books though: they touted bone-chilling illustrations. And ever since the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark film was announced, fans have been wondering if those could really be recreated faithfully.

Thanks to the chilling clips that premiered just a few days ago, we now have an answer: yes. There were four seconds-long spots, all teasing classic Scary Stories tales. For starters, we saw the monstrous, elephantine Pale Lady approaching a teenage boy, bathed in red light, who first appeared in the very first Scary Stories book.

Next, we have the “Jangly Man,” who appears to be a new creation for the film. He’s a bipedal humanoid who knocks down a door in an old house. His arms are bent above his body in a strange way, and he appears to be emitting a screeching noise. A rumor bouncing around the Internet claims the Jangly Man is a take on Slenderman, though that remains to be seen.

The following trailer recalls the story “The Big Toe.” A boy finds a big toe in his field and brings it home to his parents, who cook it up in that night’s dinner (as one does). The former owner of the toe then goes looking for what was theirs–this clip shows the full boy hiding, and shows a toeless foot walking in all its glory.

And finally, we have the spot not intended for arachnophobes. A cheerleader with a large bump on her face wanders through a school’s hallway to a bathroom. The bump has something slim and pointy protruding from it. Something that moves. (Spoiler alert: there’s at least seven more where that came from in there.)

Last, but absolutely not least, we got to see the official movie poster, featuring none other than Harold, a homicidal scarecrow.

The movie itself is about a group of kids that must  “face their fears in order to save their town” in light of many horrific deaths in their hometown. Although the imagery is just a terrifying as it ever was in the books, it will probably be cathartic to see the likes of Harold and the Pale Lady getting theirs. (That toe kid deserves whatever he gets. Don’t eat toes.)

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark will be in theaters on August 9, 2019.

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