Rare has revealed that a future update coming to Sea of Thieves will make the once hailed cross-platform play optional for players.

While Sea of Thieves has had no issues with players playing on either Windows 10 PCs and Xbox One consoles, in fact at launch it was one of the more celebrated features of the game as PC and console players could come together as one. However, that might all be about to change with the arrival of the PvP Arena mode.

Due to the obvious differences between PC and console, the upcoming PvP Arena update will also make cross-platform play an optional experience, meaning players will soon be given the option to either play solely with console players if they’re on console, PC players if they’re on PC, or both.

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“We’ve been discussing this at length internally and we’ve arrived at a solution and we are starting work on the implementation. We want to make sure to give that option before Arena arrives. If you’re playing on console and you’re using a controller, you’ll have the option to only matchmake with other players on console using a controller.

“There will be two pools and you’ll be able to change that option depending on who you want to play with, your circumstances at the time…”

Of course, while some received the news well, others are worried that the player base may become diluted. Fortunately, Rare’s Craig Duncan was on hand over on Twitter to hopefully calm any stormy seas.

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