Keen Software House has announced that after a lengthy development process, Space Engineers will be coming out of Early Access later this month.

Having been in Early Access for over five years, Space Engineers is finally set to launch on PC along with a massive overhaul of the game’s Survival system. “The reason Space Engineers is leaving Early Access is because we have a solid foundation, which will allow us to continue releasing new features and content for the game. The future looks bright!” said Keen Software House in a press release.

Since launching in Early Access, Space Engineers has seen over 200 updates which have included major game changes, the addition of planets, massive worlds, and improved physics. The game has also seen over 3 million sales, and over 200,000 monthly active players.

Could Space Engineers be one of the few Early Access titles that have actually taken player feedback into account? It certainly looks like it. This news also comes with a pretty extensive FAQ which should hopefully put player’s minds at ease.

Space Engineers Screenshot

Space Engineers is set to receive its biggest overhaul yet as well as come out of Early Access on Thursday, February 28, 2019. To celebrate, the developer will be holding a release stream Thursday, February 28, 2019, 5PM UTC over at Keen Community Network.

The Xbox One version of Space Engineers is currently on Game Preview and it seems as if the developers will be putting most of their efforts into bringing the same experience to console players.

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