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Square Enix has quietly announced a brand new mobile treasure hunting game over on their Twitter account called Last Idea.

From what we can make out in the bio, it has been described as a “Treasure Hunting RPG” where you take on the role of a novice Treasure Hunter alongside a mysterious girl with amnesia… I can already see this is going to be a very Japanese influenced heavy game, though I wouldn’t expect anything else from Square Enix.

Here is an overview intro of the story from Square Enix:

“The protagonist, a novice treasure hunter, heads by airship to the abandoned “Silent Castle” located on an isolated island in order to confirm signs of treasure sensed by diviner friend Rah Mel.

Upon arriving, the earth suddenly begins to shake and darkness spouts from the ground, instantly covering the sky, and hordes of monsters begin to attack Silent Castle.

The party tried to give up on the treasure and turn back, but upon seeing a girl about to be attacked by monsters on the castle’s balcony, they run to her rescue…”

You can also check out the reveal trailer below:

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So while Square Enix announces a new mobile game, the rest of us are sitting here and awaiting that new Marvel Avengers game they have been working on for nearly three years now… or even the FF7 remake! Square Enix, I want my new Marvel game, show us some gameplay already!

Hopefully, if speculation is anything to go by, E3 2019 will provide us with more information on the long-awaited project. Meanwhile, you can have this treasure hunter RPG to look forward to! Yay… I guess?

Last Idea will be released in Spring 2019 for iOS and Android devices.

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