Bandai Namco has revealed that The Walking Dead’s Negan, as well as Julia, will be coming to Tekken 7 next week!

It’s been a few months since the Bandai Namco announcement, but we’re now less than a week away bashing heads in with Lucille in Tekken 7 when Negan strolls in. Oh, and classic character Julia Chang, the adoptive daughter of former fighter Michelle Chang in the series, to join the expanding roster.

Thanks to some sneaky info out of EVO 2019, we now know that pricing for the two characters will cost you between $5 – $8. Ever since the announcement trailer, fans have been looking forward to playing with the baseball bat swinging menace for some time. This should be a good promotional boost for ‘The Walking Dead’ and Tekken 7 as fans worlds collide in this epic crossover. Negan uses his trusty bat ‘Lucille’ to pull off a number of hard-hitting combos making for a unique gameplay experience when used.

Veteran fighter Julia Chang also returns to the fight, much to many fans delight. Julia decides to return to her reforestation project and kickstarts it through donations, but not enough people are willing to donate so in turn, Julia decides to use this opportunity to gain traction for her reforestation fund by becoming a professional streamer, entering the 7th tournament and broadcasting her fights and adventures into new territories live.

Watch the Negan and Julia DLC trailer below:

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Tekken 7 is available on PS4, Xbox One & PC out now!

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