Tetris 99, the Battle Royale we’ve all been waiting for, was announced and subsequently released in Nintendo’s latest Direct. According to dataminer, OatmealDome, there are plans to build upon this already great (and free) offering.

OatmealDome revealed in a tweet that three new game modes are coming, adding to the existing mode of one against 98. In “Team Battle” two huge teams will duke it out, “COM Battle” will be the already present game mode just against the AI and “Marathon” will be a score attack type deal.

All this info is yet to be officially confirmed or denied, but fingers crossed developers Arika will expand the experience. If you don’t know anything about Tetris 99, you are pitted against up to 98 other players with only one winner at the end, and it is completely free of charge, although a Nintendo Online subscription is required. For the casual and avid Tetris fan alike, this game is great fun and a nice addition to Nintendo’s so far less than stellar online service offering.

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