So, let’s do the good news first. Thankfully, The LEGO Move 2: The Second Part has claimed the top spot at the US box office, taking in $34.4 million domestically, plus another $18 million internationally. The post-apocalypse/space adventure is being well received by critics, meaning Warner Bros. Pictures will be hoping to keep the title on top of the pile for a good few weeks.

Yes, that does mean there’s bad news though. Unfortunately, the sequel opened to a 50% drop off when compared to the 2014 original, which claimed $69 million when released at around the same time. This is probably due to indifference towards the series creeping in after a couple of disappointing entries, with The LEGO Batman Movie and The LEGO NINJAGO Movie being solid enough, but not setting the world alight as the initial film did.

This means the latest entry has a long, long way to go if it is to compete with the numbers of The LEGO Movie, which ended its time in theatres with $257 million domestically and $211 million internationally. Let’s hope word of mouth can do its thing and prove we all want to be seeing such inventive projects coming out of Hollywood.

Elsewhere, the comedic efforts of What Men Want took the second spot (with $19 million), meaning Liam Neeson‘s latest action flick Cold Pursuit debuted in third place ($10.8 million), arguably unsurprisingly after the stars recent negative media exposure. In fourth, The Upside slipped a couple of positions ($7.2 million), but still kept M. Night Shyamalan‘s Glass in fifth place ($6.4 million), with the thriller not having quite the legs the studio would’ve hoped.

Let’s all cross our fingers that the same cannot be said for The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part though. Go see it people; it’s really good.

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