Thorpe Park, one of the UK’s biggest theme parks is set to be host to an esports gaming event this summer and has some questionable looking mascots long for the ride.

From April 6 through to May 31, patrons of Thorpe Park will be able to get involved with GameFX the park’s “esports extravaganza”. Powered by HYPD, players can queue up to battle it out in video games past and present. If they’re THAT good, they’ll also be featured on the big-screen and live-streamed to the world.

GameFX will feature live-streaming, a retro gaming lounge, and plenty of VR experiences, so you can avoid motion sickness from the park’s various rides, and become motion sick in the comfort of VR!

To celebrate the news, a handful of gaming icons from Fortnite and Nintendo have been spotted in the park, and they look… interesting.

The good news is if your parents are forcing you out of the house and away from Fortnite with a trip to Thorpe Park, then you’ll be safe in the knowledge that you’ll still be able to get your Fortnite fix at the park!

Because fuck having fun in the real world, right?!

Some of the biggest gaming Characters from past and present arrived at Thorpe Park Resort to celebrate the unmissable new GameFX event.
GameFX gives guests a chance to play past and present games as well as experience amazing VR technology and exclusive new releases.
GameFX is open from 6th April – 31st May.
For more information visit

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