Last night’s Superbowl gave us a selection of great trailers to devour (especially from the Disney behemoth), but the one which arguably set the world alight the latest trailer for Toy Story 4.

The ad gives us an insight to Buzz and Woody’s latest adventure, with the cowboy and the returning Bo Peep (sporting her new look) overlooking a carnival, at which our space ranger friend Mr. Lightyear is seemingly being held captive as a prize.

From here, we get a better look at Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele’s characters, Ducky and Bunny respectively, who we met in a teaser trailer a few months back, with the pair mocking the astronaut once again.

There’s nothing to be seen of either Keanu Reeve‘s yet to be revealed character, or Tony Hale‘s Forky, in the new Toy Story 4 clip, but it does cement some gaps regarding the location of the road trip Bonnie is taking the toys on. A fairground rescue mission with characters new and old? Yes, please.

To be fair, from a technical standpoint at the very least, this looks spectacular. The landscapes and lighting in particular are easily the best Pixar have ever produced, with the sound design and voice acting being as top-notch as ever. Seriously, how can a smile not come across your face upon hearing You’ve Got a Friend in Me? 

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Check out the latest Toy Story 4 trailer above. Trust me, it will really get you wishing it was June 21 already.

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