Trüberbrook Artwork

BTF has announced that their charming hand-made adventure game, Trüberbrook, is set to launch on PC on March 12, followed by its console release on April 17.

In Trüberbrook, players will be thrust into a handmade world with a unique visual style that tells a mysterious story, not unlike Twin Peaks and X-Files, but with a German twist. Our protagonist, American physicist Hans Tannhauser finds himself in Trüberbrook after being told he’s won a trip to Europe. However, he’s now embroiled in the mystery of the little German town.

After being successfully crowdfunded, Trüberbrook is now set to launch on PC with a console release planned later in the year, and I for one can’t wait. Featuring a completely hand-made aesthetic, it reminds me of classic claymation animation from Aardman and co.

As well as being completely custom made, both the scenery and character models, the models were also digitized using photogrammetry and later simplified for real-time rendering which is why the game almost looks computer animated. The scenery, however, features physical lighting, which allowed the developers to simulate different hours of the day, weather conditions, as well as changing of the seasons.

While the game will be launching digitally on PC, the console versions will be launching physically and will come with a 24-page information booklet on the town of Trüberbrook.

Check out some behind the scenes in the video below:

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