Since Twitter began, it has been a pretty chaotic force. It isn’t unusual for celebrities to be held accountable for old tweets and have to redeem themselves in some way.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is considering giving users the ability to contextualize and “go back and clarify, or have a conversation to show the learning and transition since.” The idea Dorsey described allows the original user to present the tweet in a format similar to a quoted tweet, where the contextualization is attached to the original tweet. The clarifying addition and original tweet would not be able to be separated after that point.

We have no roll-out date for the clarify feature; according to Dorsey, it’s still just a sparkle in programmers’ eyes over at Twitter.

So, those of you who are still hoping for an edit feature can, well, keep on hoping. Maybe an edit feature will get the upper hand by the time a decision is made over at Twitter HQ.

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