Chucklefish’s official blog has confirmed Wargroove, the developer’s latest strategy RPG, has already covered funding costs – in just under three days after release.

Game director and Chucklefish CEO Tiyuri has also gone on record detailing a number of changes to Wargroove‘s general quality-of-life, with patches hitting all platforms in the coming weeks. Including general bugfixes, the team at Chucklefish are looking to help speed up gameplay through skippable battle scenes, as well as clarify in-game prompts including tooltips, level rank requirements, and improvements to Wargroove’s multiplayer lobby.

Plans for a larger update – including future DLC packages – were unveiled in the CEO’s blog post. The company is currently seeking feedback from their growing legion of Wargroove fans on Reddit, Discord, and their own community forums. Just what that DLC will entail is up in the air, but by the looks of Chucklefish’s quick turnaround on current in-game issues, their fans will play a significant role in hashing out those finer details.

Critics have already fallen for the Starbound developers first foray into strategy territory, which takes cues from genre staples like Fire Emblem and Advanced Wars. Stay tuned in the coming days for n3’s own take on where Wargroove stands in relation to its predecessors.

Wargroove is available now on Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Playstation 4.

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