Aquaman has proved itself to be a billion-dollar success story for Warner Bros. And when you have a success, what do you do with it? Cash in, of course!

However, Warner Bros. has made an interesting move by announcing a spin-off about the Trench. This area of the ocean, seen in Aquaman is full of aquatic monsters, some humanoid in nature, definitely inspired by the deepest trenches of the actual ocean that is filled with improbable creatures like anglerfish and gulper eels.

The horror movie has a smaller budget and will not have the primary Aquaman cast reprising their roles. Presumably, it will explore the Trench in more detail, and it’s probably fair to say that hapless human explorers will be the ones doing it, since Atlanteans seem to know well enough to avoid the place.

However, more details about the plot have not really been shared at this time. We do know, however, that Noah Gardner and Aidan Fitzgerald (former employees at J.J Abrams’ Bad Robot Production Company) will be writing the screenplay, and Aquaman director James Wan and Aquaman producer Peter Safran will be co-producing this spin-off. Safran has had quite a bit of experience producing hit horror movies, such as The Conjuring and Annabelle series.

At this time, the project is unnamed (although some sites have reported that the film will be called The Trench, this is not officially confirmed) and does not have even a ballpark estimate for a release date.

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