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Excalibur Games has announced the launch of their latest management sim, Willowbrooke Post, which has players take the role of postmaster in their very own post office.

In what looks to be a blend of Minecraft and Papers, Please, Willowbrooke Post is an upcoming story-driven management sim where players have to keep their local post office ticking over while their parents are away. Where are their parents? No clue, that’s a part of the mystery. Just… don’t go into the bedroom.

Earlier this week Excalibur Games gave us a little walkthrough of Willowbrooke Post, showing some of the game’s mechanics, tasks, and quirky characters that you’ll meet. It’s definitely an interesting concept full of little nuances to make the world seem more livable than your typical blocky pixelated world.

Little touches like the way things roll around in drawers, how lightbulbs randomly pop, and the way characters move are a few of the many things I noticed during the walkthrough which really add to the game’s charm. Not only that, the freedom of choice available in the game is also pretty interesting.

As postmaster of the post office, it’s up to you to ensure the local townsfolk get their letters and packages. This can be done a couple of ways, first, they can come in and ask if their package has been delivered – which you can either tell them the truth or in typical post office fashion, lie and keep their stuff for yourself. Another way is by emailing folk to tell them their packages have arrived, and finally sorting through mail manually ensuring everything is in order (like whether the address is correct or whether it’s correctly stamped).

The way you interact with these characters is also pretty neat, adopting a Telltale-like narrative where each choice has some sort of impact, positive or negative, on the character you’re talking to. How this has a greater impact on the game remains to be seen as the demo was all but brief.

Either way, from what I’ve seen of Willowbrooke Post, I’d definitely recommend keeping an eye out, especially if management sims are your cup of tea.

Willowbrooke Post launches on PC on March 14, you can wishlist the game now via its Steam page.

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