Black Suited Spider-man, the most iconic costume change to ever happen in a superhero comic. Though how much do you actually know about Spider-man’s second costume?

You’ll have seen the suit around no doubt. The suit has been in various cartoons, videogames and of course, Spider-man 3 and another whack at the cherry with Sony’s Venom.

The tale has also been re-told in comics with a fresh origin story used for the Ultimate Comics line. With the MCU debuting its own version of Spider-man back in 2016, it’s likely that the black suit could be rearing its head again. So we’ve found four facts that we hope that you find interesting:

The suit only gave him one new ability

During the 1990s Spider-man cartoon the black-suited was depicted as being a swiss army knife to a superhero. Enhancing the Wall Crawlers powers and possessing limited abilities to shapeshift.

Though in the original 1980s storyline the suit just produced organic webbing. Though that wasn’t the only thing that was changed.

The origin story was changed for multimedia adaptions

So far, the Black Suit has come to Earth in an asteroid and bonded with Peter Parker in Spider-man 3 and the previously mentioned 1990s series. A product of an experiment like in the Ultimate Spider-man cartoon and comic.

Though the comic book origin is a little different. As the suit bonded with the Webhead when Spider-man and bunch of heroes and villains are whisked away to another planet by demi-god called The Watcher during the Secret Wars event.

Carnage is the ‘son’ of the black suit

That’s right, Venom is the daddy of Carnage. After Eddie Brock is locked up in prison and shares a cell with the serial killer, Cletus Cassidy, things go wrong.

The suit breaks Eddie out and comes into contact with Cletus and thus, Carnage was born.

Scorpion used the suit to impersonate Spider-man

When Eddie Brock was diagnosed with Cancer, the suit ditched him and bonded with Mac Gargan, AK.A. The Scorpion.

After a stint as Venom, Norman Osborn recruited Mac to impersonate Spider-man as part of his Dark Avengers after he was appointed the head of SHIELD (renamed HAMMER) because of actions during the Secret Invasion storyline.

Have I missed any good facts out? Let us know in the comments!

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