One Fallout 76 player has decided to create their own labyrinth which, instead of a minotaur, has a Deathclaw at the center.

Fallout 76 has been out a little while now, and whilst the majority of players dropped off and tried forgetting about the game, some still stayed and played it. The game itself was pretty bad and that’s putting it nicely, but one feature that really shone through was the C.A.M.P (Construction and Assembly Mobile Platform) system. Well, if you could figure out how to use it properly anyhow. One player, however, managed to use it to create what they call a ‘Deathclaw Maze’.

This player has built a maze in the game and disguised it as an amusement, with signs around it saying that you can ‘win prizes’ if you ‘beat the maze’. It i, of course,e a trap. As soon as a player enters the maze, tricked by the creator who is dressed in a blue gown and a top hat, the door is shut behind them and locked. It then requires you to have a level 3 lockpicking to reopen it again.

Whilst it seems like it is a simple maze, it is littered with fake doors. It isn’t long before the lurking ‘Deathclaw’ is disturbed and chases the player around. What’s even more sadistic is the creator can jump on top of the maze and watch the player run around the labyrinth, running away from the creature.

Although ‘Fallout 76′ bombed on release, the video of the Deathclaw maze does show the potential in the C.A.M.P system and that some players are finding their own unique ways to show what fun can be had in this post-apocalyptic world.

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