In one of the stranger announcements in gaming news announced this year, Alien: Isolation is coming back, but not in the way that you might think.

Fresh off of the release of an Alien mobile game – Alien: Blackout – last month, IGN has today announced that it will exclusively distribute the Alien: Isolation Digital Series.

Set 15 years after 1979 film, the game focused on Amanda Ripley, daughter of the titular Alien heroine, Ellen Ripley. The game was a fun, if critically underappreciated title which features one of the scariest experiences of any single-player title this generation.

The animated series will expand on this story and horror, allowing fans of the 2014 game to revisit their favorite moments from this unique installment in the Alien lore and also allow those who never experienced the game to go on Amanda’s horrifying journey. Additionally, the show has been made using a combination of new animations and original cinematic cutscenes from the game, so fans will certainly recognize the aesthetic and palpable atmosphere pretty quickly.

There is no news on whether this series precedes the announcement of a sequel to the game but one can hope. Regardless, this first-of-its-kind digital series can be binged in its entirety here, but alternatively, if you prefer to watch these episodes on your television, you can watch them on IGN’s Roku, Apple TV, PS4, or Xbox One app.

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