Phase 4 of the MCU is starting to take shape with Angelina Jolie rumored to star in The Eternals. If true, then this would be Jolie’s first role in a superhero movie.

This film is set to be a kind of ‘sequel’ to the MCU, with The Eternals being an ancient race of near-immortals who lived on Earth and civilizations. I believe Thanos is actually a member, so if they portray that in the film, that would also be interesting.

It is unclear what role Angelina Jolie might play in this Chloe Zhao directed film, but rumors have suggested that she may play Sersi, who is apparently involved in a love story with Ikaris. She is described as an Eternal who “relishes moving against humans”.

In the comics, Sersi is different from the rest of The Eternals and is generally the one that interacts with humans, with the rest of them trying to avoid them. She even joined the Avengers at one point in the comics (although I’m pretty sure everyone was in the Avengers at one point or another!).

Personally, if this rumor is true, I think she would be a great addition to The Eternals. I can’t wait to hear more news about this and who else they cast!

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